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 Sell and Swap Rules

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brian itzaina
brian itzaina

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PostSubject: Sell and Swap Rules   Mon Aug 03, 2009 7:55 am

Unless it has been at least 5 days. If a mod sees it, they will DELETE your thread. When you do, mention "5 day bump", if not you risk deletion.

Don't link to or sell things in your signature.
It looks like crap.

Don't put up threads that say "possible _________ for sale"
If your not actually selling it, why are you posting? Kinda pointless. More often than not, it means your fishing for someone to pay too much.

If you are selling more than one thing, DO NOT MAKE MORE THAN ONE THREAD!!!
It sucks when people post 5 threads, within minutes of each other.

After 30 days, your thread may be deleted. Sorry, but if it has not sold by then, no one probably wants your JUNK.

No stolen parts! Duh.

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Sell and Swap Rules
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