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 what is the "bike gallery"?

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brian itzaina
brian itzaina

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what is the "bike gallery"? Empty
PostSubject: what is the "bike gallery"?   what is the "bike gallery"? EmptyThu Jul 02, 2009 11:50 pm

this is a place post pictures of your bike.

read the rules before posting.

heres a step by step on how to post your questions.

-starting from the forum home click on "bike gallery"

-theres a button labled "new thread" on the right side of the screen. click it.

-in the "subject" spot type the catchy name of your thread.

-in the "post" spot type your description of your bike along a parts list.

-at the bottom of the page there are 2 buttons, "preview" and "send" click preview to preview and send to post up your new thread.
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what is the "bike gallery"?
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