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 Bike Gallery Rules

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brian itzaina
brian itzaina

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Bike Gallery Rules Empty
PostSubject: Bike Gallery Rules   Bike Gallery Rules EmptyThu Jul 02, 2009 11:46 pm


Your bike needs _____.
If all you have to say is "you should change ___" , "it sucks because it has ____ parts", "your seat is too high", "bars too wide", or similar, shut the fuck up and do not post. It is their bike, not yours. Trend Police are not welcome and are subject to a temp banning to be determined by mods/admins. Normally 10 days minimum. You have been warned. BMX is not about conforming to someone elses standards.

Do not bump other peoples threads. You coudl be banned.
Do not bump your own thread. It will be deleted and/or you could be banned.
If a thread falls down, obviously it is no longer interesting. Suck it up. You are not special and do not deserve special treatment. If no one wants to see your bike, no one wants to see your bike.

Use the f'ing SEARCH function.
That is why we have a search.
If you post a thread saying post bikes with ____ parts, you may be banned.
If it is something like "brakeless" or "Wide bars", which does not show up in parts lists or something, that is acceptable to make a post asking.

Gets you banned here, just like any place else.
Definition of flaming...

Image size and type
If you use the attachments, the system will resize them for you.
If you link someplace else and theya re 5 times my screen size, your thread may be deleted. Also, get a clue, BMP files should NOT be used. There are tons of programs that can convert them to png, jpg and gif. These are about 1/10 the file size of bmp files.

Thread titles.
Try to make the relevant. And no cussing.

Creating multiple threads / Friends bikes / Pros Bikes
Don't do it. We do not care.
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Bike Gallery Rules
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