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 caramel mtn/ rancho bernardo

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PostSubject: caramel mtn/ rancho bernardo   Wed Aug 19, 2009 8:53 pm

caramel mountain ranch library has a few ledges that are capped but are cool to throw down manual lines and other random stuff

highland ranch elementary has some cool kink rails in front and a nice flat bar in the lunch area also there are some manual pads in the parking lot

rancho bernardo high school has some 25 stair rails but you have to gap about 5 feet on to them because they have chains welded on at about 4 feet down the rail. the rail is by the tennis courts. inside the school are some cool wedge leges that come up to about 3 feet high that could be used as a lip or a ledge lip with alot of potential. in the large quad there are rails that are grindable but you have to land in grass and they are kinked at the end. there is alot of stuff at this school... you will get kicked out if you ride during the week so go on sundays

costco buisness park well its actually across the street but its easy to find if you can find costco on carmel mtn road. there are lots of buildings with random stuff to ride like a pretty big 6 stair and a few randown rails also there are some nice curved rails close to the jet (if you look for it you will find it)

carmel mtn plaza has all kinds of planter ledges that look like they wont slide but they do if you go fast they are good for manuals too most of them are over 8 feet long there are lots of handicap rails around too

the carmelmtn country club golf coarse has some cool sand traps on hole 11 that you can
fuckin launch like 25 ft down the hill most of the holes have some cool stuff to ride

i will edit this later..... and add more but im in school and this period is almost over
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caramel mtn/ rancho bernardo
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